Romantic Comedy ebooks

Romantic comedies offer a delightful escape from reality with their often-quirky characters - and their dogs. Always the dogs.

KATIE FFORDE says of ‘White Lies and Stakeouts’: "Quirky, funny, full of wonderful characters you wish were your neighbours – this delightful book is guaranteed to make you smile."

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Romantic Comedy Paperbacks

Jill Mansell said of 'White Lies and Custard Creams': "Susan Alison has written a lovely, quirky romp packed with off-the-wall characters - original, intriguing and great fun!"

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'Christmas in Baublesville' Sweet and Clean Romances

Baublesville is a heartwarming small town full of the enchantment of the Christmas season. Love stories sparkle amidst snowy streets, cosy cafes, and the joy of the holiday season. For an hour or so of magical festive escape, visit Baublesville! (Susan Alison writing romance as Honey Stone)

Colouring Books

Indulge your inner artist, unleash your creativity and relax with colouring books featuring dogs - both traditional line art, and greyscale.

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Pupper Jack's colouring books

New in May 2024!

Pupper Jack's Pawsitive Affirmations! in 'What Your Dog is Telling You'

Pupper Jack's page on Amazon for his colouring books can be found by searching for 'Pupper Jack colouring book' on Amazon. There are more on the way - Border Collies, Westies, Greyhounds amongst others ...

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Sweet Romance

Honey Stone writes sweet, small town romance for romantics & dog-lovers & releases it on Ream Stories as early access to chapters & colouring pages, plus Susan Alison prints at a higher membership, & signed books when they're released.

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Dog Art Prints

Dogs gaze out over landscapes, revelling in beauty, soaking up serenity - they also go on holiday in a caravan or sit around looking like Doggo with a Pearl Earring and other, play tennis, and generally live life to the full. Like they do.

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